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“What Your Doctor SHOULD Have Told You By Now About Living A Longer, Healthier Life—Slowing The Aging Process, And Even Turning Back The Clock”

…and what the drug companies, pill-pushers, and medical “meat-cutters” hope you never find out

PLEASE … if you or anyone you know is suffering from diabetes, heart and vascular disease, impaired brain function, lower back pain, debilitating stress, food cravings or intolerance, mood disorders, various gastrointestinal problems, obesity (or even just those persistent fat deposits that won’t go away no matter what you do), arthritis or other joint pain

Whether you’re a professional working in the health and wellness field (for example, as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, or physical therapist), or just someone seriously concerned about living a richly rewarding, fit and HEALTHY lifestyle…

If you agree we need an effective alternative to the “drug ’em and cut ’em open” approach to healthcare, then I encourage you to read this important message completely. It could very well spell the end of your (or a client’s or loved one’s) suffering.

We’re not “living longer” so much as we are just “dying slower”

Look, if we were actually getting HEALTHIER as a society … wouldn’t we also be growing less dependent on prescription drugs and invasive surgery? But we’re NOT!

Instead, the drug companies rake in BILLIONS every year while our so-called “healthcare system” suffers continuous cut-backs, and too many people die in hospitals where they went for “routine procedures”. 

Even what we generally refer to as “health insurance” is really more of a drug and surgery payment plan, at best – and, at worst, just a financial reward for getting sick or crippled. It certainly doesn’t insure your health and wellness!

Harsh words? Sure!

But it’s hard to not get worked up and emotional when you look at the statistics for obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression, cancer, and other all-too-common conditions – conditions which, for the most part, are easily avoided or managed…

When you know how!

Is there anything you would like to change?

I want to get personal for a moment, and ask…

Are you happy with your body – the way it looks, the way it feels, the way it moves and functions?

Are you happy with your mind – how quickly and effectively it calculates, creates, and remembers?

Are you happy with your spirit and your relationships … with how well you relate to friends, family, and strangers … with your moods, attitudes, and emotions?

Do you suffer from constant aches and pains … are you sick and tired of always being so sick and tired, overweight, unfit, lacking energy … do you often have difficulty getting up in the morning, or suffer poor sleep?

Are you finding it harder to perform at work or at home?

Maybe you’re ashamed to take your clothes off around other people – even your own spouse! Guys, are you embarrassed by “man boobs”? (Rest assured, these can be made to disappear FOREVER.)

Perhaps you’ve tried so many things and nothing has worked for you … and now you just can’t help feeling disappointed, fed up, frustrated, and maybe even downright angry. And you’re wondering what’s wrong with you, and why your Doctor, Personal Trainer, or Dietician can't help you fix things.

It may not be your fault.

Instead you may be the victim of a natural chemical imbalance in your body. And the solution is a NATURAL one – not a pharmaceutical one. It’s all about getting a handle on your hormones and neurotransmitters. Naturally!

Or are you a Personal Trainer, or other Health & Wellness professional looking for that one thing that will give you an edge in your market? Maybe you’ve been trying to make a go of it for some time but just can’t keep your head above water … thinking “If I just had something to offer my clients that other PTs around here can’t!”

Listen, whether you’re a trainer or a trainee … we know what it’s like. We help people with these same issues every day – and together we turn them into “past problems”.

Could there be something they’re not telling us?

Eighteen months.

That was the prognosis. Or the sentence. Either way, Cameron would be gone within the next year-and-a-half – just 540 days – according to the experts in their lab coats and stethoscopes. 

But after his initial round of chemotherapy, Cameron tried something different … and proved the doctors wrong. He has not only out-lived their predictions but is getting stronger and healthier LONG after the initial chemo treatments ended.

How did he do it? What source – OUTSIDE the medical profession – did Cameron turn to, that has not only EXTENDED his life but added to the QUALITY of his life as well? (I’ll share it with you in just a moment. But first…)

Let’s consider Jessica.

Because of her size, and the fact that nothing she had ever tried in the way of diets and exercise had ever made much difference … Jessica had all but given up on ever finding a husband and having a family. 

But when she discovered the secrets I’m about to reveal to you, Jessica melted away 112 pounds in just SIX MONTHS! She’s now down seven dress sizes, and feeling stronger and more confident than ever.

(You’ll meet Jessica – and SEE her amazing transformation – shortly.)

So what’s their secret? 

What did Jessica discover that allowed her to quickly shed more than a hundred pounds, and reveal her “true self” to the world? What “magical power” did Cameron stumble across that allowed him to practically “come back from the dead” and make even more impressive gains without the chemo than he did with it?

THEIR secret can now be YOURS!

They – and thousands of other people just like them – have all achieved such tremendous success in MANY different areas of health and wellness, and are now living richer, more fulfilling lives by following the advice of Andy McGlynn and his team at LifeStyle Fitness Personal Training – the #1 largest organization of its kind in the entire United Kingdom!

The same advice you can now take advantage of no matter where you live.

Andy is a former Royal Marine Officer and Commando, and Director of the highly-respected LifeStyle Fitness Personal Training Group (a team of more than 500 Personal Trainers and 50 PT Managers working with a client base of around 15,000 individuals at any given time).

LSF-PT maintains the most stringent standards in the Industry – so high, in fact, that every applicant must pass a 3-stage screening process, aptitude tests, and a one-day business training class … and then submit to an additional probationary period before being accepted in the group!

This ensures that anyone who turns to an LSF-PT member for help … gets exactly the help they need, whether that means help with their weight, their fitness levels, their joints or heart or moods. ANY aspect of health and wellness – ESPECIALLY those problems they can’t find the answers to anywhere else!

When it comes to their level of experience and time served, the managers of LSF-PT have one of the highest (if not THE highest) in the UK and Europe. Most of them in fact have been in the industry as Personal Trainers for more than a decade!

Until now, the only way to get access to these closely-guarded secrets was with private coaching from Andy or one of his LSF-PT trainers...

...but now there’s something EVEN BETTER!

Because the largest organization of Personal Trainers in the UK has decided to share their most closely-held secrets to living Life full-on in this exclusive video-and-text-based home study program … so you can enjoy a level of mental and physical fitness you could only dream of until now!

Let me introduce you to The Science Of Wellness

Originally created to guide Personal Trainers and other professionals in the Health & Wellness field (like Physical Therapists, Yoga Instructors) who need a single source they can turn to, and trust, for the solutions they just can’t find anywhere else…

This “secret system”, in use by more than 500 physical trainers across the UK, ended up being so easy for ANYONE to follow – regardless their present health condition, no matter whether or not you have any previous experience or training, even if nothing has worked for you in the past! 

That’s why we’ve decided to make it available directly to the Public for a limited time! 

(Of course, if you ARE a Personal Trainer, then you’ll be able to use these secrets to help an unlimited number of your clients reach their health and fitness goals more quickly, safely, and efficiently than ever before. This material is all fully tested and proven by our 500+ PT’s … yet, outside our organization, 95% of PT’s couldn’t tell you these things! So if you ARE a fitness pro, I challenge you to put this to the test. And see our Unconditional Guarantee, below.) 

What can The Science Of Wellness do for YOU?

These are some of the most common benefits our followers experience (though it’s a greatly reduced list) – see if any of these are things YOU would like to enjoy:

  • SPRINGING from bed every morning, full of energy and an excited anticipation for the day ahead … and maintaining that great feeling all through the day
  • No more mid-day slump
  • Feeling less stressed, and more in control of performance, mental clarity, moods, and emotional well-being
  • Optimized body composition (ratio of lean tissue to fat) due to balancing hormones
  • Being able to completely unwind at night, and finally enjoy a deep, undisturbed sleep … and feeling fresh the next day
  • A reduction in aches and pains (thanks to their new-found ability to manage inflammation and correct any dysfunctional biomechanics)
  • Improved gut health, and a greater understanding of its crucial role as a key component of the quality of life you enjoy
  • Increased immune function (and no more groggy, “under the weather” days)
  • An improvement in memory and focus for better performance at work
  • A boost in mood-enhancing chemicals such as Serotonin to brighten up all aspects of your day (which you’ll achieve by regulating production of neuro-transmitters)
  • An increase in their sex drive

…and so much more!


A few of our success stories...

You’ve already met Jessica and Cameron, earlier. But now I’d like you to SEE FOR YOURSELF the amazing transformation Jessica achieved in just six months:

Jessica Williams dropped 112 pounds and 7 dress sizes in just SIX MONTHS!

“I can now look forward to getting a bloke and having kids—which would never have happened before”, she says.

Jessica’s success did not come about through any kind of “starvation diets” or by beating herself silly in the gym. Instead, she added a regular regimen of SENSIBLE eating and exercise to balance out her hormones and neurotransmitters (things you’ll learn all about in The Science Of Wellness) so THEY could do the work of returning her body to a more natural state. Simple!

And the one thing I didn’t mention about Cameron earlier – his name is Cameron McGlynn. And yes, he’s Andy’s father.

You see, when Cameron got the diagnosis of Stage 3 cancer (meaning it had spread to multiple sites – adrenal glands, lungs, and lymph glands), and was scheduled for chemo treatment ... he and Andy had no intentions of leaving his life up to just that. So they also implemented certain nutrition protocols and processes that Andy designed.

Cameron took well to the chemo treatment, and experienced a 74% reduction in his cancer. But he has since enjoyed ANOTHER reduction WITHOUT any further chemo! And he continues to grow stronger and healthier – testament to the power of the methods Andy and his team teach in the Science Of Wellness!

Anthony Knight had tried many times to lose that extra weight he was carrying around his middle

... with “patchy results” as he says.

Then, with the help of one of our Science Of Wellness trainers (Dan, who you will meet below), Anthony began an 8-week plan that resulted in him dropping almost 14 pounds (5.9% of his body fat level) ... while maintaining his lean (muscle) tissue.

“I feel great!” Anthony says. “And the added benefit is that I now know more about good nutrition, and how vital it is for good health.”



Helen Booth started the program in June, and reached her goal in just 8 weeks.

“I started off following a simple set of eating guidelines tailored for my needs, and made small adjustments along the way to ensure I continued to make progress.

“After the initial 8 weeks, I found it very easy to continue to follow the plan without slipping back into my old ways. I’m now working to achieve things I didn’t think were even possible 12 months ago!”

Helen lost 5.5% body fat in 8 weeks!

Jamie, has Crohn's disease and in 7 days his body fat dropped down by 1%

... whilst gaining 1kg of lean mass which is an accumulation of muscle, water and glycogen.

In this photo of Jamie, taken 4 weeks apart, we focused on addressing his gut. He has Crohn's disease, and therefore was unable to digest and assimilate nutrients effectively.

Also,he had a lot of gastrointestinal distress, which led to higher cortisol levels. You can see where his mid-section is not quite as visible, it is done by reducing the stresses on his body, which causes his cortisol levels to drop.

When cortisol, the stress hormone is lowered, the abdominals will come through and become apparent. Also we dropped a lot of water weight because he was holding a lot of inflammation due to the intestinal wall being hindered. As a result, he had better efficiency from his work out because 75% of the immune system is made in the gut and therefore we could increase workout frequency.



James, follower of the Science Of Wellness methods

Here we implemented a protocol switch to improve functionality and efficiency. This is 3 days apart - we focused on boosting his liver efficiency and in doing so he dropped roughly 0.7% body fat just in 3 days.

Penny, follower of the Science Of Wellness methods

In just 5 weeks her stomach went down, she had more energy, she wasn't feeling tired and getting headaches and had better cognition because of the direct correlation between the gut and the brain.



Kim has gone down from 210 to 140 lbs

She suffered from metabolic damage due to the fact that she chronically ate too little, which caused the body to go into a state of perceived stress. The body goes into storage mode to store energy in case of a need and demand, which causes fat gain.

As a result, it focuses on survival, rather than thriving. So we had to do something called metabolic up-regulation; we slowly increased her calorie intake whilst addressing issues such as insulin resistance and cortisol so she was able to digest and assimilate food effectively and get it into muscle cells instead of fat cells.

As I’ve mentioned, this whole training program was actually designed for professionals in the health and wellness fields. So let’s hear what THEY have to say about the principles, strategies, and methodologies we reveal inside The Science Of Wellness:


This is NOT an exercise program, and it’s NOT a diet!

Now, you might expect a program like this, coming from a group of Personal Trainers, to play heavily on the exercise aspect.

Not so.

Because the thing is, MOST people DON’T need to exercise more to lose weight. That has NEVER been the problem – not for you, not for anyone else! (Yes, there are many benefits to a lifestyle that includes regular exercise … but it has little to do with whether or not you can lose or maintain weight, if you’ve been struggling with it for years, already.)

Instead The Science Of Wellness fills all those critical gaps in any exercise program or diet that may have failed you in the past. Quite frankly … without this knowledge, ANY exercise or diet effort is doomed to fall far short of what you had hoped for!


That said … once you have the REAL controlling factors in line … THEN a regular program of ANY exercise will help speed your results. But that doesn’t come first.

What this program represents is nothing short of a total overhaul of your life – a new you! To be able to live the life you deserve – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. A new level of awareness when it comes to your mind and your body.  The right food choices, helping you to make informed choices, the right lifestyle choices.

This is NOT about sets & reps, or calorie-counting! What it IS … is all the little-known protocols, shortcuts, and nutrition hacks that are at the very core of maximizing the effect of ANY exercise routine, ANY sport, ANY diet … and when it comes right down to it…

Life itself!

It’s like … the Swiss Army Knife of health and wellness!

A total transformation of your physical, mental, spiritual, and social lives … all wrapped up neatly in a single powerful tool.

Because the ONLY real “health insurance” is the power of your own self-awareness—you MUST take control of your own well-being!

Of course, the downside of trying to educate yourself is all the garbage that passes for “knowledge” out there – ESPECIALLY online!

The myths and exaggerations fly around the internet like months around a lamp post on a hot summer night. Here are just a few of them that we absolutely DESTROY in The Science Of Wellness:

  • “Low-fat” and “cholesterol-free” are the way to go (Truth: Cholesterol is actually needed by your body for the production of vital hormones!)
  • Carbohydrates are great energy foods (Truth: Carbohydrates increase serotonin production, resulting in tiredness ... which is one reason why eating a banana before exercising is such a BAD idea)
  • Eat lots of fruit (Truth: People enjoy fruit mainly because it’s sweet – but fructose interferes with thyroid performance ... and your body can only handle 10-30 grams of fructose a day before the liver starts converting the rest to fat. LIMIT your fruit.) 
  • Red meat is bad for you (Truth: In addition to being a complete protein source, red meat is rich in Carnitine, an amino acid which helps boost thyroid activity.)
  • Do lots of cardio for fat loss. (Truth: Excessive cardio exercise will increase production of Cortisol ... which, in turn, will result in a loss of muscle tissue, thereby LOWERING your “resting metabolic rate”.)

There’s MUCH more to optimal health and well-being than just “eating your veggies” and getting “plenty of fresh air and exercise”…

And there’s much more to The Science Of Wellness than just busting a few myths. So what topics DO we cover?

Here’s what you’ll learn from The Science Of Wellness…

First of all, the entire program is presented in a series of relatively short films (around 20 minutes each) that we’ve created to be as engaging and compelling as possible – complete with lots of diagrams to make things clear, and a cast of 15 Personal Trainers doing the teaching.

These films are delivered two-per-week … so you have plenty of time to get through them, and any support materials, before the next week’s lessons arrive.

And they cover (in great depth so you get everything you need to know) only the most powerful and effective life-, health-, and longevity-enhancing strategies and protocols that Andy and his team have been using with their privileged clients for years!

Here’s a quick (and partial) list of some of the main subjects we’ll explore together:

  • Stress management for better performance and greater health
  • Decreasing your risk of cancer through hormone manipulation
  • Understanding how to use carbs (and when NOT to!)
  • How to live longer – adding not just years to your life but “life to your years”
  • Eliminating irritable bowel syndrome
  • Preventing type 2 diabetes
  • How to lose body fat in double quick time (and half the effort)
  • Understanding why your body stores fat in certain areas (and what to do about it) 
  • Increasing lean tissue (to elevate your resting metabolism … and start burning fat while you sleep)
  • The truth about supplements and medications
  • How to dramatically change your body’s shape
  • Boosting your morning energy levels (and maintaining them throughout your day)
  • Perform better at work and home (and in bed, too!)

A much more detailed look…

Now here’s a much more detailed breakdown of what each episode of The Science Of Wellness covers … followed by news of a very special gift we’ve set aside just for you!

Episode 1: Introduction And Foundation: Quick Wins

Not just an introduction to the program and what we’ll be covering, this first video in the series also gives you some “quick-start” tips to help you “get up and get going” in the morning, “switch on” the fat-burning process (even without exercise!), improve your posture and balance, and more.

Episode 2: Assessing, Recognizing And Raising Awareness For Well-Being

Simply put, the more you understand your body and how (well) it’s functioning, the better position you’re in to then make any necessary improvements (and track how well your efforts are working). 

So in this module, you’ll see dozens of tests and visual checks you can do on your own, at home … and several you’ll need help with. You’ll discover the relationship between dark circles around your eyes, and your adrenal glands … dry skin and gut health…

…as well as what those long hairs growing from your ears mean, how to “read” the locations of where your body stores fat, how your saliva can reveal candida (yeast) growth, and much more about the many signals your body gives when “something ain’t right”. And of course, you’ll then learn what you should do ABOUT all those test results and observations.

Episode 3: The Science Of Neurotransmitters: The Route Of All Ill-Health

Neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers that tell your brain what to do and when. Essentially, the health (or ill-health) of your neurotransmitters determines EVERYTHING in your life – every thought, reaction, action, movement, emotion. It all comes down to having enough (and not too much) of the right neurotransmitter – Dopamine, Acetylcholine, Serotonin, or GABA – at the right time. 

So, in addition to a full explanation of how each one works, we cover which ones to keep high in the morning, and which ones you want to emphasize in the afternoon and evening … and of course the WHY and the HOW of it all.

Episode 4: The Science Of Sleep: Changing A Bad Habit Of A Lifetime

HOO-boy! If there’s one aspect of our lives that tends to be under-valued these days, it’s sleep. (Unless you’re one of the many people who just CAN’T sleep – then you’re fully aware already of how much it’s worth.) 

The sleep you get – both the amount and the quality – is an essential factor in regulating and maintaining your body’s immunity, hormone production and balance, strength and energy levels, digestion, fat-burning, and more. That’s why we’ve made this entire video all about sleep – its value, AND how to ensure you get enough QUALITY sleep.

Episode 5: The Science Of Inflammation … And Lower Back Pain Relief

“Inflammation” in and of itself is neither good nor bad. In the proper amount, it’s a necessary part of our feedback and recovery processes. But when it becomes excessive – as it is for MOST people – then it can wreak havoc throughout your body, and lead to such horrors as heart disease, joint problems, slow recovery from injury, and chronic pain (among MANY, many others). 

So in this module, we fully explain the nature of inflammation – its causes, its use, and the results of having too much. And then we show you how to bring it back down to a manageable level, and how to deal with the results of it having been too high in the first place.

And because we’re discussing pain in this module, we figure this a great time to share some quick-and-simple DRUG-FREE ways to relieve the most common: Lower back pain!

Episode 6: The Science Of The Gut And Optimal Wellness

When you think about it, you realize that anything within that great tube we call the gastrointestinal tract is essentially OUTSIDE your body. That makes the GI tract an important barrier between your bloodstream and the outside world. And the condition of your gut is therefore of PARAMOUNT importance! 

In this video, you’ll learn EVERYTHING that goes on there … as well as how to keep things ticking along smoothly. Literally!

Episode 7: The Science Of Leptin And Insulin

We look at these two important hormones, Leptin and Insulin, together because in addition to affecting thyroid function and food cravings, Leptin levels directly influence Insulin production (as well as Cortisol) in an inverse relationship. 

Our main focus in this module though is Insulin itself, and the often deadly effects of over-production (like obesity, diabetes, and heart attacks).  And in the next film, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to maintain a healthy balance.

Episode 8: The Science Of Insulin Management & Rapid Weight Loss

Here is where we get into the meat and potatoes, of maintaining healthy levels of Insulin and Leptin – how to assess relative levels, and what steps you need to take, if they are out-of-balance. We look at carbohydrates, glycemic balance, and fat metabolism … as well as certain herbs, spices, and nutritional supplements that can help you maintain optimal Insulin health.

Episode 9: The Science of Cortisol and Stress Control

Today, we’re faced with a higher level of stress, from a greater number of stressors, than ever before in our history! And they can all cause your adrenal glands to crank it up into over-drive, resulting in a spike in your body’s cortisol level. 

But this is the “fight-or-flight” hormone. And if you neither run away nor do battle, then you don’t USE all that cortisol for what it’s intended … and instead, it can wreak all sorts of havoc on your body and mind. 

So if you suffer from irregular sleep-wake cycles, chronic stress, an inability to burn body fat, early morning lethargy, inexplicable muscle loss, slow healing, shakiness, irritability, or lowered libido (lack of sex drive) ... then you sure don’t want to miss THIS module!

Episode 10: The Science Of Estrogen And Lower Body Fat

There are three main types of estrogen – “the female hormone” in both women AND men. And we discuss the good, the bad … and the “okay” types of estrogen in this module. We discuss the effects of each type, the risks of excessive estrogen in BOTH sexes (yes, ladies – you too can be TOO “estrogen dominant”) including the increased risk of cancer, and several self-checks you can perform to determine whether or not your estrogen and testosterone are in proper balance.

And of course we share strategies to bring your estrogen levels back in line and keep them there.

Episode 11: The Science Of Estrogen Metabolism

We continue our discussion of estrogen in this module – going into greater depth on the environmental factors that can cause estrogen levels to rise through the roof. (Unfortunately, there are far more of these than we can cover here, so we focus primarily on the most common and worst offenders you’re likely to be exposed to.) We also go into detail on the various nutritional supplements you can use to counter the effects of these environmental factors. 

Episode 12: The Science Of The Thyroid

This little butterfly-shaped organ, resting in your throat, determines the rate of metabolism all through your body, and is therefore a primary influence on body weight. The various thyroid hormones control or influence MANY functions in your body, such as: Protein breakdown, oxidation of fatty acids, insulin receptor sites, heart rate, absorption of micro-nutrients, and energy expenditure. 

Keeping this organ healthy, then, is extremely important … and that’s what THIS module is all about! (Just a few of the things you can do include reduction or removal of gluten and nightshades in your diet, and supplementing with iodine, chromium, and selenium … in the right amounts).

Episode 13: The Science Of Growth Hormone And Eternal Youth

With its ties to skin quality, protein synthesis, reduced abdominal fat, better sleep, wrinkle reduction (in your skin, not your clothes), increased bone mass, and more … Growth Hormone (or more accurately its converted form “Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1”) affects almost every cell in your body, and truly is “the hormone of youth”. 

We look at the symptoms of insufficient Growth Hormone, the causes of low levels (such as exposure to heavy metals, and low protein intake), and the simple measures you can take to raise your levels of Growth Hormone (like reducing cortisol, improving the quality of your sleep (see Episode 4: The Science of Sleep), certain foods and supplements you can include in your diet … and sleeping in a cool room!

Episode 14: The Science Of Testosterone And Optimal Male Body Shape

Testosterone – the primary “male” anabolic hormone – is produced from cholesterol. (One of the reasons you do NOT want to eliminate cholesterol from your diet!) Men produce, on average, 7-8 times more testosterone than women … but then women are far more sensitive to it, as well. Among other things, testosterone is essential to both men and women for its role in muscle and bone mass, brain health and mod moderation, fat loss, sex drive, anti-aging … and the prevention of osteoporosis.

Of course, those who can benefit most from an understanding of testosterone, and how to manage it, are men. So this episode examines the signs of a testosterone deficiency (things like extra fat around the pecs, and balding), how to manage this hormone to achieve an “ideal”, balanced physique, and many of the foods and procedures at your disposal for increasing your testosterone levels … like coconut oil, garlic, celery, and (no surprise to Popeye fans) spinach!

Episode 15: Core Essentials: Fish Oil And Its Incredible Benefits

This module marks the beginning of our look into the 5 main nutrients we’ve found it beneficial to add to our clients’ diets (by which I just mean your “eating habits”) to help achieve optimal health, clarity, and happiness, and perform at our peak – all day, every day.

And we start with fish oil – the “wonder anti-inflammatant” that can lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke … as well as aid in fat-burning, reduce fat storage, improve cell health, decrease your appetite, increase muscle mass, boost brain health and functioning, and more!

We explore why you need it, how we know you’re not likely getting enough (of the RIGHT one, at least), and where to find the best sources.

Episode 16: Core Essentials: Magnesium And Its Application In Health

Among other things, Magnesium helps improve insulin sensitivity (thus reducing risk of diabetes), help you sleep better, feel more energetic, improves thyroid function and fat-burning, (see Episode 12: The Science of the Thyroid), boosts nerve function (for a better mind-muscle connection and greater strength), aids in the absorption of calcium (for stronger bones and teeth), helps with your body’s temperature regulation, fights depression and anxiety, and lowers LDL (the “bad” cholesterol). And anyone who exercises regularly or has a high-intensity job needs even MORE magnesium than most other people.

There are actually TEN forms of magnesium … so, as you might expect, in this module you’ll learn all about all ten forms and which are your best choices for supplementation (and why).

Episode 17: Core Essentials: Vitamin D And Its Essentiality To Life

Vitamin D is actually produced in the body, yet a study in 2009 reported 75% of US teens and adults are vitamin D deficient – even though there’s a receptor for it on EVERY CELL in the human body! (That’s how critical it is to Life.) It is estimated there may be up to 2,000 genes in the body regulated by vitamin D … and leading health professionals believe we could decrease health care costs across the board by 25% if everybody had optimal vitamin D levels.

So in Episode 17, we’re making sure you know exactly WHY you need it, and how to get plenty of it so you can strengthen your autoimmune system, stave off schizophrenia, fight depression and S.A.D., aid fat loss, strengthen your spine, regulate neurotransmitters and mood, lower your chance of getting cancer (and improve your response to chemotherapy if your undergoing such treatment), keep your skin healthy and good-looking, slow down the aging process … and MORE!

Episode 18: Core Essentials: Multivitamins and Probiotics – The Facts

Because of the synergistic way in which many nutrients work together (and even RELY on each other’s presence to be effective, at all – such as the B-complex vitamins needing Biotin for absorption) multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplements make sense. They’re sort of an “all-inclusive warranty” for nutrition. But they are NOT all created equal – not by a long shot! Nor is one formulation equally effective for both men and women.

That’s why we spend the first part of Episode 18 explaining what you should look for in a quality “multivite”, and why. Then…

…we go into the topic of Probiotics because, when supplemented correctly, quality probiotics (which we recommend rotating – using different formulations – every 6 to 8 weeks) will support and strengthen your immune system, protect against systemic infections, fortify mucous and membranes in your gut, strengthen your intestinal wall (and decrease any chance of inflammation), and detoxify the bowel … as well as reduce any abdominal pain, bloating, and bowel disorders.

Episode 19: The Dark Side Of Medication And What You Need To Know About Toxicity

Because of our society’s over-reliance on medication and the medical industry, we actually moved backward in many areas of health and wellness over the years, not forwards. Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.  Instead, we focus on hiding symptoms, rather than addressing the root cause.  We’ve totally forgotten that we can prevent nearly all disease through optimal living and good nutrition.

And it’s even worse than most people realize though because so many medications actually DEPLETE the nutrients that are essential in the prevention or management of inflammation (which is considered to be the precursor of all disease). For example, female hormone medications deplete iron, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc, Tyrosine, coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin E ... anti-diabetic drugs deplete the body of coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin B12 ... and anti-inflammatory drugs deplete the body of Calcium, Potassium, Zinc, iron, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and folic acid.

You’ll get a thorough run-down on most of the major medication groups, and the nutritional deficiencies they can cause in Episode 19.

Episode 20: Understanding Heart Health And Breaking Down The Myths

We’ve already looked at how inflammation, insulin resistance, and stress can lead to heart disease. In this module, we go into greater detail on the mechanisms of such trouble, and also include hypertension as a major cause. 

Unfortunately, there are many myths surrounding this topic (such as the idea that doing lots of cardio training is good for your heart – even though studies have shown 50% of marathon runners suffering from significant heart damage!) ... so we take the time to blow those out of the water. And of course, we delve into the nutrients that can REALLY have a tremendous, positive impact on the health of your heart and circulatory system.

Episode 21: Cancer: A Natural Approach To Prevent, Overcome, And Work With It

Simply put … cancer is a cell communication issue, the disorganization of cells. We all have cancerous cells in our body (yes, that includes me and you, and everyone we know). But it only becomes a problem when normal cell death doesn’t occur. There are a number of factors that can lead to this condition … and we go into great detail on each of them in this episode, and what you can do about them. Experts claim that 50% or more of cancer cases are the result of lifestyle choices – and that includes our diet, mood, and behavior. (It’s not just smokers that get cancer!)

Included in this module is a detailed breakdown of all the protocols Andy implemented with his father, Cameron, that helped him continue making tremendous improvements in his health and outlook, long after his last chemo treatment. You’ll learn not only what they did but WHY it made such a huge difference! 

Episode 22: Foods That Heal

There is a theory that says there’s a herb or plant for every ailment or condition we may suffer during our lifetime. (Remember that quote from Hippocrates, above?) Well, that may or may not be quite true … but in this episode, we share with you some of our own favorite healing and health-promoting powerhouses from among the herbs, plants, and fungi. We even give you our recommendations for the healthiest condiments. It’s CHOW TIME, folks!

Claim Your FAST-Action Motivator Gift Bundle, Too...

I think you and I both know the ONLY way to make massive changes in your life is to jump on an opportunity when you’re first presented with it – before you or your friends or your family start coming up with all sorts of excuses why it won’t work for you.

Well, I say “HOGWASH!” to every one of ’em.

Think of it – those are the same excuses that held you back all these years ... the same excuses that got you where you are today. And you’ve already admitted to yourself that “where you are today” is NOT where you WANT to be, not where you always used to think you WOULD be!

That’s why we’ve gone all-out to put together this very special bundle of gifts to motivate you to take action today – NOW, even. Check these out...

FAST-Action Bonus #1:
The S.O.W. Insulin Reset Program

How close are you to acquiring Type II diabetes? The fact is 75% of Americans are considered “pre-diabetic” – meaning they are already Insulin resistant, and in grave danger of becoming full-blown Type II diabetic unless something is done IMMEDIATELY to reverse their condition! And 50% of all Type II sufferers continue that downward spiral to Type III – namely Alzheimer’s. You NEED to address this threat NOW!

Luckily, Insulin – responsible for stabilizing blood sugar and storing fat – is the one hormone over which we have full control. By establishing and maintaining a high sensitivity to Insulin, you can maximize its benefits while  minimizing the risks associated with high levels of this hormone (such as increased risk of developing diabetes and certain cancers, heart disease, increase in biological age, decreased testosterone, etc.).

The Science of Wellness Insulin Reset Program is an easy-to-follow system for increasing your sensitivity to Insulin and lowering the production and release of excess amounts into your bloodstream. (See Episode 8 for a full understanding of why this is so critical.)

Value $19.99 – yours FREE when you order any Science Of Wellness program today!

FAST-Action Bonus #2:
Braverman Personality Type Assessment

As you discover in Episode 3, the four neurotransmitters – Dopamine, Acetylcholine, GABA, and Serotonin – are the chemical messengers that tell your brain what to do and when to do it. They determine virtually every thought, every action, and every emotion you have. And each of the four has certain characteristics of mood and behavior associated with it. The Braverman Assessment can tell you which neurotransmitter you are dominant in, which you might be deficient in … and how you can balance them out for a more balanced attitude and life, in general.

Value $27 – yours FREE when you order any Science Of Wellness program today!

FAST-Action Bonus #3:
The Man-Boob Busting Program

“Man Boobs” – no guy wants them (but so many have them). If YOU suffer the embarrassment of this less-than-manly condition in which your body dumps fat into your chest area, you’ll be thrilled to know … there’s a fairly simple solution. And The Man-Boob Busting Program spells it out for you, step-by-step. You see, man boobs are the result of poor hormonal health and balance. So simply straighten that matter out and … *poof* … no more man boobs! (The answer does NOT lie in knocking yourself out with exhausting cardio work.) 

Value $27 – yours FREE when you order any Science Of Wellness program today!

FAST-Action Bonus #4:
Science Of Wellness Recipe Book

EVERYONE likes a good recipe book – and the Science Of Wellness Recipe Book is one of the best! Chock full of tasty, nutritious dishes that are BURSTING at the seams with powerful life-enhancing nutrients, this meal and snack guide brings The Science Of Wellness to life … and drops it right on your dinner table. (And your breakfast and lunch table, too!) 

Value $29 – yours FREE when you order any Science Of Wellness program today!

FAST-Action Bonus #5:
Monthly “Expert Input” Webinar

This is the “continuing education” element of your Science Of Wellness program – a monthly online get-together with Andy McGlynn and a member of his LSF-PT management team (a different one each month). Andy and his team never stop experimenting, innovating, implementing … and these monthly webinars are your chance to hear all about their latest cutting-edge advancements before anyone else in the industry! 

Of course, you’ll also hear about OTHER people’s latest discoveries … because once Andy and his team have tested things out for themselves, and determined them to be both safe AND effective enough for you … this is where it all gets shared. You’ll even have the opportunity to send your questions to us, and maybe have them answered right on the webinar!

Value $97 a month – yours FREE when you order any Science Of Wellness program today!

PLUS ... when you grab the Advanced Level package, you also get...

Special BIG GOALS FAST-Action Bonus:
S.O.W. Private Facebook Group

Here’s your opportunity to claim enrollment in the exclusive Science Of Wellness Private Facebook Group where you’ll have access to the entire S.O.W. team of LSF-PT managers … and even Andy himself! Ask anything you want, and get answers from the pros. Want some new meal ideas because you’ve already burned through the S.O.W. Menu Book? Ask here! Want clarification on a point made in the program? Ask here! Want to continue the discussion started on one of our webinars? Do it here!

You can also connect with other S.O.W. users so you can compare notes and experiences, challenge and support each other, arrange meet-ups when you travel … and more!

Yes, the Science Of Wellness Private Facebook Group is a powerful tool for change. It’s not for just anyone though! This particular privilege is reserved exclusively for those with BIG goals for massive transformations – whether your own, or those of your clients or loved ones.  

Value $47 a month – yours FREE when you order the Science Of Wellness Advanced Level program today!


This special gift bundle is yours to claim, absolutely FREE, just for trying one of our Science Of Wellness home-study packages. And even if you ask for a refund on the main program itself (see our iron-clad satisfaction guarantee below) … these gifts are yours to keep. It’s our way of saying “Thanks for having a look!”

(The exceptions, of course, are the ongoing monthly webinars and Private Facebook Group.)

But these gifts aren’t gonna just lie around here forever … waiting for you to decide. This is a VERY limited-time offer, as part of our launch celebration. AND they are meant to motivate you to get started on your new life – your new YOU – today! 

So I urge you to decide quickly.

Choose the version that best matches your level of commitment and desire for change

The Science Of Wellness is not a one-size-fits-all program.

Naturally, we’re partial to the value of getting the complete system, and implementing EVERY protocol that fits your situation. But we realize that doesn’t necessarily fit EVERYONE’S level of commitment to, or desire for, change in their life.

That’s why we’ve arranged the training modules into a few different levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

See the handy at-a-glance chart below for what’s included in each program level … AND which bonuses you do or do not get at that level.

Because your body is a holistic system – that is, EVERY part of your body affects, and is affected by, nearly every other part – these lessons are, by necessity, inter-related and inter-woven.

And so every module builds upon, and is built upon by, every other module.

That’s why, even though you have the option of registering for a reduced number of lessons with the Basic and Intermediate Packages ... I strongly recommend anyone who’s serious about living Life to the fullest, with the highest levels of health and well-being (or anyone who wants that for their clients) to grab the Advanced Bundle while you still can. 

Because not only does that give you the greatest degree of inter-relatability between lessons (and therefore your understanding of, and control over, your physique and your health) ... but it’s the only option that also gives you access to our LSF-PT management team through our private Facebook Group.

(Of course, if you’re any sort of professional in the health and wellness field, you really ought to be considering the full-on Advanced Level Program only – it will make a HUGE difference in your clients’ successes … and thereby in your business, too. Especially when you add in the value of membership in the Private Facebook Group!)

Each course (whether Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced Level) comes with all the applicable videos … as well as a comprehensive Workbook covering all episodes at your level, and mp3 audio files of those lessons.

You’re fully covered by our risk-free, iron-clad no-questions-asked, satisfaction GUARANTEE...

One very important thing you need to know about LifeStyle Fitness Personal Training and the Science Of Wellness is this:

We believe whole-heartedly in our training AND our clients … and we stand firmly behind both!

That’s why you have an entire month to run The Science Of Wellness through the wringer, and decide whether it’s right for you. If not, you get back every penny you’ve paid for it. It’s just as simple as that!

(Thirty days may not seem like a long time to you ... but, due to the nature of hormones and how they work, all you have to do is begin following any of the protocols and strategies in this program, to start. And you could be seeing positive results within just a few days!)

Basic Program
Intermediate Program
Advanced Program
Episode 1: Introduction And Foundation: Quick Wins
Episode 2: Assessing, Recognizing And Raising Awareness For Well-Being
Episode 3: Science Of  Neurotransmitters (The Route Of All Ill-Health)
Episode 4: The Science Of Sleep (Changing A Bad Habit Of A Lifetime)
Episode 5: The Science Of Inflammation & Lower Back
Pain Relief
Episode 6: The Science Of The Gut And Optimal Wellness
Episode 7: The Science Of Leptin And Insulin
Episode 8: The Science Of Insulin Management & Rapid Weight Loss
Episode 9: The Science of Cortisol and stress control
Episode 10: The Science Of Estrogen And Lower Body Fat
Episode 11: The Science Of Estrogen Metabolism
Episode 12: The Science Of The Thyroid
Episode 13: The Science Of Growth Hormone And Eternal Youth
Episode 14: The Science Of Testosterone And Optimal Male Body Shape
Episode 15: Core Essentials – Fish Oil And Its Incredible Benefits
Episode 16: Core Essentials – Magnesium And Its Application In Health
Episode 17: Core Essentials – Vitamin D And Its Essentiality To Life
Episode 18: Core Essentials – Multivitamins and Probiotics (The Facts)
Episode 19: The Dark Side Of Medication And What You Need To Know About Toxicity
Episode 20: Understanding Heart Health And Breaking Down The Myths
Episode 21: Cancer: A Natural Approach To Prevent, Overcome, And Work With It
Episode 22: Foods That Heal
Insulin Reset Program
Braverman Personality Type Assesment
The Man-Boob Busting Program
Science Of Wellness Recipe Book
Monthly “Expert Input” Webinar
Private S.O.W. Facebook Group
$ 147
(Or 3 payments of $53 each)


$ 297
(Or 3 payments of $103 each)


$ 497
(Or 3 payments of $173 each)



Looks like we’re almost done here. Now it’s time for you to decide what kind of life you WANT to live – one filled with aches, pains, obesity, and the constant threat of health-robbing (and even life-ending) illness, in which your only recourse is to let “them” either drug you up or cut you open…

Or a life of unbounded health, wellness, and the kind of happiness they naturally bring.

Meet the entire Science Of Wellness team of trainers...

A tremendous amount of knowledge has gone into this program ... and there’s a whole team of fitness experts working their tails off to ensure you get every shred of transformational and wellness power OUT of this material they’ve packed INTO it.

So I’d like you to meet them now:

Hi there, I’m Andy McGlynn

You know, for so long the wellbeing and wellness of people has been dictated from a medical perspective. The drug and medical industry has had such a strong hold on our belief systems surrounding our own health.  

By having the sole “right” to make sweeping statements about health matters, they have kept us contained through fear of the unknown – take this pill, take that liquid, don’t eat too much fat, meat is bad for you. And through that fear and compliance we have been grossly misled.  

It’s time to understand the truth behind our wellbeing, and how we really can take charge of our health from a whole new perspective. Western medicine teaches us to shut off the pain if our body gives a warning signal – we basically tell our bodies to “shut up!” – by plying it with painkillers or anti-inflammatory medication. Yet there are numerous natural (food-based) ways to reduce and control inflammation. And we’re taught to cut cancer out without really understanding why it occurred in the first place.

I love to share my knowledge to help others. But as a Personal Trainer “in the field” the most people I could help at any given time was 40-50. Now it’s around 15,000 per month by training my team of 500 PT’s. And through The Science of Wellness program I can now help even more!

Okay, so look … I’m not going to insult your intelligence with some BS about “only x number of copies available, and once they’re gone … they’re GONE!” I mean, c’mon on – this is all digital download, for Pete’s sake. We can’t possibly “run out of copies”! Here’s the thing, though…

First of all, the sooner you commit to this program, the sooner you will start seeing results.

The other thing is, these prices you see on this webpage represent special “Launch” pricing in effect for the initial release period. Quite frankly, once we’ve achieved a certain amount of “traction” with people outside the Personal Training industry, we will likely bump the prices up to where they really OUGHT to be.

So for those reasons, I encourage you to take full advantage of the opportunity you’re presented with today, while you still have that chance.

Thanks for listening! And I’m looking forward to “meeting you on the webinars, and in the private FB group, too.

All the best!

P.S. – If you’re wondering whether this is something you can do, something you can stick to long enough to see results.

I’d have to say ABSOLUTELY! Manipulating hormones can have an almost-immediate pay-off, certainly within a few days, at most. Surely you can “test” ANYTHING for a few days!

It really comes down to simply watching two 20-minute videos each week (heck, most people watch far more TV than that in a DAY never mind a week!) or taking advantage of our bonus pack of MP3 downloads, the work book, the webinars, the Facebook closed group (which gives you access to the S.O.W. team), the Insulin Reset document, the Man Boobs E-Book, and the free film on combatting cancer – they have all the information you need to feel empowered to help yourself, your friends, family and children … and lead a much happier and healthier life without sacrifices. 

And let me add … there is nothing so debilitating, and no worse place to be … than your “comfort zone”. So if the idea of giving this program a shot and changing-up your eating habits makes you feel uncomfortable … GOOD! That’s exactly how it SHOULD be.


Science of Wellness (S.O.W.) programs are for educational/informational purposes only. Medical advice and medical services will not be offered. S.O.W.’s services are not intended to, nor should they be construed as, efforts to diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any human disease, pain, injury, deformity or physical condition. S.O.W.’s programs/services are not intended to, nor should they be construed as, a substitute for the advice or treatment of a health care professional. A participant in the S.O.W. Online program should consult a physician prior to participation in, and/or reliance upon or use of information provided by or obtained from, the program. Any participant in a S.O.W. program must agree that any information obtained from or provided by S.O.W. will only be relied upon or otherwise used at the participant's own risk. Under no circumstances shall S.O.W. or its employees, independent contractors and/or agents be liable to a program participant for any damages or injury arising out of, or related to, the participant's participation in the program, including, but not limited to, the participant's use or reliance upon, or the participant's inability to use or rely upon, information provided by, or obtained from, the program or its contributors.